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Korbyt Players

Korbyt-powered media players are specialized PCs running the Windows 10 IoT operating system with the Korbyt media player software installed. In order to add a media player to the digital signage network, it must meet the criteria set forth by UK IT and be a Korbyt-supported device. For more information about RMG media player specs, visit

Before adding a media player to the system, the prerequisites below must be met: 

  • A network drop has been installed in the location where the media player is to reside and is active. 
  • A sufficient power source has been installed in the location where the media player is to reside and function.
  • Proper video distribution is in player to carry the video signal from the media player to the desired output display or displays.
  • If you don’t have all of the above, reach out to the digital signage team and they will point you in the right direction. 

Benefits of Korbyt Media Players 

  • High performance for stability in demanding 24/7 environments
  • Purpose-engineered with set-top box reliability, security and ease of use
  • Real-time data display with content alerts for intuitive monitoring
  • Analog and digital outputs for maximum deployment flexibility
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and easy browser-based administration for convenience and mobility
  • Solid state drives

Ongoing Costs

Upon joining this system, each unit is responsible for replacing their hardware.

  • RMG suggests replacing the media players every 4 years.
  • UK ITS recommends changing the display every 4 years.  
  • Software annual cost

Units should also factor in staff time required to:

  • Learn the software
  • Continue to update content on digital signs 
  • Provide technical support

A communications/content contact as well as a technical support contact should be designated from each unit to work with the UK Digital Signage team.