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Focus on Content

Who is the audience? What messaging am I trying to communicate? As a communications channel, the objective of UK Digital Signage is to better connect campus audiences to university messaging. Specifically, it aims to provide the most relevant and targeted messages at the most appropriate time, improve brand consistency and increase engagement. To meet this goal, it’s important that the content published is engaging and appropriate for the channel.

Brand Guidelines

Digital Signage Governance and Strategy Guide

Pick a Location

Where is the display located? When deciding on a location for a display keep this in mind: the display and player computer need a power outlet and a network port . If the location you plan to install the digital signage does not have a power outlet and a network port, contact PPD. PPD will be able to provide an estimate for the installation cost.

Choose a Display

Do you need an interactive display or a static display? Should your display be landscape or portrait? Think about your content capabilities and the location of the display. 

Choose a Media Player

Most players can be placed behind the display depending on the location of the display and the size of the player. Korbyt-powered media players must be purchased or existing players must be compatible with Korbyt to come on the system.

Media Player Standards